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Program Highlights


Early Education ​Program  

Mountain Road Preschool is a nature-based registered family child care program. I provide a high quality, early education and learning prog​ram for children ages 1 year through 5 years in a small educational home environment. School age care is provided afterschool, vacations and summer break. 


Mountain Road Preschool is proud to announce that it is a Prequalified Prekindergarten Education. Families of qualifying towns, a discount for their preschool child towards tuition equal to 10 hours of childcare per week. This part of your child's tuition is paid by the State of Vermont through Act 166. To see if your family/child qualifies please talk to me. 


Outdoor Classroom

M​y Outdoor classroom is designed to promote a hands-on natural learning environment. We are outside for a large portion of the day exploring the outdoor classroom, pond, and the woods and fields on our 11 acre property.

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